Spring Cleaning? Don’t Forget These Pest Prevention Tips! 

Spring is the most popular season for many people since the grass is greener and the flowers blossom anew. Nothing is more fitting than spring cleaning to welcome this wonderful season. Make it a point to clean every nook and crevice of your home at least once yearly. However, when cleaning each room, remember to remove any bugs that may be present. Here are some recommendations to help you. For more help, consult professionals for pest control Round Rock today. 

A few spring cleaning tasks may brighten your house and keep pests away. These suggestions should do the trick.

  • Clean the ventilation system. 

Clean out your home’s ventilation system, service the air conditioner, and change the air filter. This will clean away any bugs that have been lurking and prevent others from entering. Furthermore, the cleaner your ventilation system is, the better you and your family members will breathe.

  • Clean and sanitize. 

Clean all of the countertops and cabinets with a sanitizing solution. Make sure to protect any hard surfaces. Pay particular attention to cabinet shelves and corners since bugs and other pests like feeding on leftover crumbs and hiding in dark places. 

  • Vacuum your space. 

This season, your vacuum cleaner will receive plenty of use. Do not just vacuum the floors; take up the rugs, run the hose through the drawers and sofa cushions, vacuum across the carpet, and even remove anything from beneath the bed for a thorough cleaning. While you are at it, vacuum your pantry and clean below the refrigerator.

  • Take out the trash. 

Remove the waste and clean off the trash can area. Before you replace the bag, clean the garbage container. You should also remove the outdoor waste and debris. Take grass clippings and other yard waste away from your home. When storing cans outside, make sure they are covered and away from your property.

  • Do not forget the repairs! 

Inspect your home. Be on the watch for foundation cracks, ripped or worn weatherstripping, screen holes, and cracked siding. Replace, patch, or fix any holes that allow pests to enter your house.

  • Clean your bathrooms. 

Many spring pests, such as cockroaches and silverfish, are drawn to dampness and are frequently found in bathrooms. Eliminating water sources in the bathroom is the most effective strategy to avoid insect infestations, particularly since this bug can only survive for one week without water. In addition to washing the shower curtain and liner and cleaning the medicine cabinet, you should check beneath the sink, surrounding the tub, and toilet for dampness from leaking pipes or faucets.

  • The outdoors is important too. 

Once you have completed your list of duties inside, undertake an audit of your home’s perimeter to assess any damage caused by the winter months. Begin by fixing fascia and rotten roof shingles, as certain insects are attracted to decaying wood. For more help in eliminating or preventing pests, call a professional pest control agency.